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Thank you for visiting our Online Store!  Please be patient while we add more of our in-stock inventory to the website.  If you have a question about anything we might have available but don't see listed, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  Chances are, we carry it and if we don't currently have any in stock we can get it for you right away!


A gentle CONCENTRATED  soothing formula, all in one for your horses hair, coat and all skin types.  Call it a  “Waterless Shampoo”.  It’s unique formula helps to gently clean and prevent and alleviate dry itchy skin, stains, dry broken hair, rain rot, and  dander build up. It’s our dry groom for the body: cuts grooming time, hydrates the skin, cleans the coat and adds extra hydration to the hair. Layer the manes and tails with our Detangler to leave hair extra nourished, soft, supple and protected! Use the system as recommended, a waterless cleanse respecting the natural protective oils and defense of the horses coat. Use as a final finish with a brilliant show ready shine and blue ribbon finish. Use often on dry hair when grooming or in between grooming. Just spray on and leave in.

  • Leave in Non-slip Formulation
  • Recondition and improve the hair, skin, and coat.
  • Help dissolve and prevent yellow and dirt stains as maintained (does not bleach )
  • For all hair types and colors (will not change dark colors )
  • Waterless cleanse use with our brushes for best results
  • Concentrated made from our Conditioner formula and bottle system
  • Natural verbena scent will not attract bugs
  • Use inbetween dog and horse bathing
  • Buff out to repel the dirt from the Horses coat and for a Show Finish too!
  • Layer with Polisher to prevent and protect and help make the hair silkier and smoother
  • Great to use before and after body clipping!

Made with our finest ingredients: including extracts of sage, chamomile, aloe to name a few.

Kit contains:  1  32 oz. conditioner w/pump,  Mix /Spray Bottle,  1 Hydrasol Spray Bottle,  1 H24  applicator brush,